A queue is a one dimensional mob

via The Old New Thing. One dimensional mob! I just love that characterization.

How not to design a User Interface

Some time back I discovered that Windows Vista/7 comes with a command line tool named robocopy with some advanced functionality to copy files and mirror folders. Source control usually makes such tools unnecessary, but I thought it might come in useful nevertheless. So I looked for a GUI wrapper and found this! (I can’t be bothered to remember dozens of command line flags)

This is really an insult to the concept of a Graphical User Interface.

Funny piece on homeopathy

‘Homeopathic weapons represent a major threat to world peace,’ said President Barack Obama, ‘they might not cause any actual damage but the placebo effect could be quite devastating.’

From New Age terrorists develop homeopathic bomb via this post on Raymond Chen’s blog “The Old New Thing

Sure, we do that

Here is an old hilarious post on “The Old New Thing” that I happened to read. From the post

Turns out that their driver’s implementation of DoesDriverSupport was something like this:

BOOL DoesDriverSupport(REFGUID guidCapability)
  return TRUE;

In other words, whenever DirectX asked, “Can you do this?” they answered, “Sure, we do that,” without even checking what the question was.

(The driver must have been written by the sales department.)

Apart from the humor, it is interesting to know the sort of issues a platform company like Microsoft has to deal with.

Religion and timezones

Several (most?) Hindus engage in ritual fasts to propitiate various gods. Apparantly (via my sister), when they travel abroad, they have a problem. They don’t know when to start or stop their fasts. What timezone do Hindu gods live in?

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