This is a place for readers to ask any questions they may have or post something not directly related to any post. If you prefer to contact me personally, send an email to fortruthatwordpress[ a t ]

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  1. what is the scope of leisure or fun ?

  2. I did not understand your question. Would you care to elaborate?

  3. Hi K.M.,

    This message is not really for publication but it’s the only means I have for getting in touch with you.

    I have been studying Objectivism for many years. For about 10 years I was in the US where I started a community group for this purpose. It fell apart after I had to return to India because of some immigration problems.

    I am now trying to make a similar forum to help spread Objectivism in Delhi.

    I’d really like to know a little more about yourself.


  4. Thank you for your response,
    I would like your opinion on a similar matter. If you have time could you please read my response to this article on wordpress. I did it in response to the section egoism vs. altruism and I am curious to see what you have to say about the view presented and the one I gave. Thank you.

  5. K.M., I’m not sure if you read or update this anymore but is there any way I could know your name and perhaps qualifications? I would like to cite one of your posts in a research assignment.

  6. I am not very comfortable revealing my identity on the blog. But if you tell me what this assignment of yours is, which post you are interested in and perhaps give me a link to your website, I might do so.

    Also I find it a little amusing that you have not revealed your identity while asking for information about me. The email id you have provided doesn’t look like a genuine one.

  7. Maybe it’s just me but I can’t seem to find your email on the site. Could you provide it? It would be safer for both of us to discuss this through email, I think.

  8. Nevermind, I found it.

  9. After the Health Bill passed the House, I decided I needed to get back into the debate. I’ve started an Objectivist Blog, focusing on Current Events, Politics, and Essays. I’m primarily looking for a dialogue, so I’d like to try to get my opinions out there. I would eventually like to produce a quality format, but until time and resources are made available, I am utilizing blogger. I was wondering if you were interested in a link exchange. I recognize you would get nothing out of this at first, making it more of an investment on your end.

  10. Hi Steven,
    I skimmed over your blog an I like what I see. So I am happy to include your blog on my blogroll. Unfortunately, I don’t currently have time to spend on my blog and haven’t written anything of substance for a few months. So the only traffic I get these days is through search engines for my old posts. I do intend to resume blogging in a couple of months.

    All the best.

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