There has always burned a fire
that gave me light and heat
that powered every desire
and kept me on my feet

That fire needed fuel
I wonder whence it came
I must have burned up too much
the fire is now quite tame

Some sparks are still left over
to remind me of what once was
I am still moving forward
but momentum is now the cause

I mis-conceived my pursuit
lost more than I could reclaim
I burned a part of myself
that will never be the same

I was certain of my success
on a path not quite my own
but a path of such great import
is a path I must walk alone

I need to reinvent myself
and stoke up the fire again
the fuel I took for granted
I must work to now regain

These words are an effort
to seek what must be sought
the fuel that I am after
I must find it in my thought


2 Responses

  1. I’m assuming you wrote this? I like the clarity of expression–the meaning isn’t lost in a jumbled attempt to “be poetic”–it is simply poetic, and the form adds meaning to the clear words. It reminds me of the blog post I wrote recently called “Fueling the Fire.” I didn’t quite get into it there, but something in my mind as I wrote it was what you’ve mentioned–sparks that remain that remind me of a bigger fire in my youth; and now I’m working to get it back. Anyway–your poem, love it! Keep up the good work.

  2. Yes. I wrote it. Thanks for the comment. I have never before felt low on motivation for so long before, so it is an unsettling experience.

    I know I am not a poet – so I don’t even try to be particularly poetic. I don’t think I can conjure up the sort of metaphors that I like to see in good poetry. All I tried to do here was to make the words rhyme.

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