Two thought-provoking posts on academia

I am not an academician, nor do I ever intend to be one. But it interests me. Most people who knew me thought I would/should enter academia. I thought so myself for a while. Anyway, here are links to two thought-provoking posts by Vivek Haldar with some excerpts

Reproducing Papers

It turns out that a good fraction of results documented in peer-reviewed scientific papers cannot be reproduced. …

This is not failure of ethics. … It is a failure of process and documentation.

Like I’ve argued before, the paper as a unit of dessimination of modern scientific results is outmoded.

…Instead, what if the paper was replaced by a publicly-visible activity log?

The Components of a University

In about five years, if not sooner, the entire education complex is going to face the same existential crisis that journalism and newspapers are going through right now.

on the demand side, employers (at least in software) have almost completely soured on degrees.

colleges are stuck in a death spiral of costs increasing, and increasing costs turning off applicants.

Likely, universities will go back to their smaller, simpler roots,  concentrating more on unstructured knowledge creation.

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