A user interface element should not look like a rendering glitch

Look at the image below and see what you think of the small blue bar above Gmail. It looked like a rendering glitch until I realized that it was meant to indicate that Gmail was the current application and not any of the others linked to in the link bar. Bad design.

Gmail link bar

2 Responses

  1. I agree, but I’m also not a fan of Google interfaces in general. It seems to break down once they go beyond one text box. heh

    Don’t like the labels implementation either; in fact I have my gmail forwarded to another service because I want folders. Imagine if you lived in a one-room house, and instead of having different rooms, you just put labels on everything: “Bedroom”, “Kitchen”. No thanks.

  2. Apart from this, I do like gmail. I think it has really pushed the envelope with regards to the possibilities of a web interface.

    Not sure why you dislike labels. You can do everything with labels that you can with folders except making them exclusive.

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