I write like…

A couple of blogs that I have subscribed to carried posts containing the results of some automated analysis to identify writing style. I am always interested in this sort of thing – anlysis that purports to discover things that one may not know consciously. So I checked it out. I put seven of my posts which had atleast 3 paragraphs of original content and got the following results

David Foster Wallace (3)
Edgar Allan Poe (2)
Kurt Vonnegut (1)
Arthur C Clarke (1)

I have not read either Wallace or Clarke and only about a short story each by Poe and Vonnegut, so I don’t know whether the results mean anything. The site doesn’t provide any information about how it carries out its analysis either. It would be interesting to see if the analysis gives internally consistent results atleast.

A couple of interesting questions to ponder: Is writing style independent of the content? What does it consist of?


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