Sure, we do that

Here is an old hilarious post on “The Old New Thing” that I happened to read. From the post

Turns out that their driver’s implementation of DoesDriverSupport was something like this:

BOOL DoesDriverSupport(REFGUID guidCapability)
  return TRUE;

In other words, whenever DirectX asked, “Can you do this?” they answered, “Sure, we do that,” without even checking what the question was.

(The driver must have been written by the sales department.)

Apart from the humor, it is interesting to know the sort of issues a platform company like Microsoft has to deal with.


One Response

  1. Hmm, I don’t get the joke. Is there a C# version?

    Just kidding.

    Sales would call that positive thinking. Everyone else would call it a bug.

    I’ve worked with UNIX just enough to laugh at this one:

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