A couple of good posts

I intended to comment on this ugly piece which appeared in The Times of India, but Aristotle The Geek has done it already and his piece has a lot more to say than I usually have the energy to. Read the whole post. Since that saves me some time, I will spend it dissecting some of the writings that he linked to. Since what I want to dissect is quite important, I will do it in separate posts.

Eric Lippert has this great post on recruiting for Microsoft. I am glad there are people like him working in an organization on which I heavily depend for a lot of my work.


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  1. > “Eric Lippert has this great post on recruiting for Microsoft.”

    You might be interested occasionally in posts by Kevin Morrill, on his weblog Net Profit Motive. He has posted several articles — in the “Leadership” category, I recall — relating to Microsoft management. He is an employee of Microsoft and a member of our local Seattle-Portland Objectivist Network. His weblog


    is, however, mostly devoted to informal and personal subjects such as light observations about China (which is where he is at the moment).

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