A new blog on business, economics and free enterprise

Simply Capitalism (feed) is a new blog on business, economics and free enterprise.

Here is an excerpt from their first post

Today, we live in a mixed economy made up of both semi-free markets and government controls. We live in a culture that views business and businessmen as a necessary evil. While the ability of capitalism to bring general prosperity is begrudgingly acknowledged, big business and naked “greed” are routinely blamed for the country’s problems. Calls continue for more government controls and regulations to fix a “broken” system. We think this view is flawed.

When it becomes difficult to determine which effects are due to government interference and which are due to free market influences, our goal is clarity and proper identification. When we hear calls for pragmatism and “balance” in our approach, our goal is to find the principles that illuminate the proper course of action. When we see a system of political pull and coercive government replacing a system of merit, productivity and voluntary trade, our goal is to defend the individual rights that make the latter possible once again.

Among its contributors are two bloggers I have regularly followed for some time

Galileo Blogs, author of Property Rights and the Crisis of the Electric Grid

Kendall Justiniano who also blogs at The Crucible

I am looking forward to getting new insights and good discussion on this blog. Highly recommended for anyone who wants a better understanding of the economy.


2 Responses

  1. Are you stalking me, or simply reading my mind? Thanks, keep fighting the good fight!

  2. Obama’s “now is not that time” seems to have irked nearly everybody.

    “simply Capitalism”. Good blog. Added it to my feed reader. Thank you.

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