Rest Regulations for Pilots

In a leading article on the front page on 3rd June 2008, The Times of India warned “Sleepy pilot may be flying you“. The article reported that airlines had been operating without any rest rules for pilots for the last two days. The article opened with

“They may have the best inflight service possible, attractive air fares and a great on-time performance record to top it all. But behind those cockpit doors, your airline may have rostered a set of fatigued pilots who have to try hard enough to keep their eyes open.”

Todays edition reports (again in a leading article on the front page):

“An Air India Jaipur-Mumbai flight flew well past its destination with both its pilots fatigued and fast asleep in the cockpit. When the pilots were finally woken up by anxious Mumbai air traffic controllers, the plane was about half way to Goa”

(For context, Air India is the government run airline that for most of its existence was the only airline in the country. Private airline companies opened in the 1990’s after the government opened the airline sector)

Does anyone see the irony?

2 Responses

  1. Respested sir,

    i have completed my ground classes of commercial pilot course and has seen this add Air india to train science student as pilot i hav passed my 12th std this year and in meanwhile time i did my course . .

    please guide me, how, i can be one of the applicant for “Air India to train science students as pilot”.
    its my passion to become a pilot.

    i want to appear for air india aptitude test. where should i contact. and i want to appear for air india aptitude test. where should i contact.

    And its my promise that if i get a chance i will definately prove my self and never let you down.

    i request you sir to kindly reply as soon as possible

    Thanking You
    P (name shortened)

  2. p s c,
    I have nothing to do with Air India or any other airline. Your comment left me speechless. You need to improve your comprehension.

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