Applied Religion

This article in “The Times of India” reports

“…The Mumbai police on Monday suspended the licences of 34 errant cinema halls across the city for a period ranging between four and eight days…”

“A month ago, when a section of Marathi film producers called on Patil to protest against the failure of theatre owners to exhibit Marathi films, Patil had asked the home department to examine the rules before taking stringent action. He was informed that according to the licensing conditions, it was binding on theatre owners to exhibit Marathi films at least four weeks in a year…”

(For context, R. R. Patil is the deputy Chief Minister of Maharashtra. He is the same man who enforced a ban on dance bars in Mumbai two years back and whose government wanted to ban cheerleaders in the ongoing IPL cricket tournament)

These obviously impractical attempts to force the cultural tastes of people might seem bizzare. But it must be remembered that these are the same devoutly religious men who worship an assortment of gods and sincerely chant ‘mantras’ at ‘pujas’ before any significant event in their lives. Ayn Rand wrote “To deal with men by force is as impractical as to deal with nature by persuasion.”  These are men who have not even discovered that it is impractical to deal with nature by persuasion. These are men with whom no argument is possible. This is what makes religion a great threat to a civil society, a threat greater than that posed by power-hungry statists.

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  1. KM,
    I want to share this video from youtube with you and your readers

    (did not find appropriate article in ur blog to post. so posting here.)

  2. I do not believe in god. But I don’t think Sam Harris’s argument was a good one. It was humourous but not correct. He is claiming that a claim about God’s existence is a scientific claim. In fact it is not and the Rabbi was right that it is actually a metaphysical one. Unfortunately because of the philosophy of logical positivism, most scientists today are afraid or unwilling to accept the necessity of metaphysics at all.

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